The Reeds

We are The Reeds!

Joe, Kayla, Emma, Kora, and Connor


We are originally from Northern Indiana. We have moved around with Joe’s job, but have recently landed back in our home state!

We enjoy spending time together and going on family vacations.

In the summer you will find us boating, boating, and boating some more!


We also enjoy kayaking, hiking, swimming, riding bikes, doing pretty much ANYTHING outdoors.

During the winter, Kayla hibernates indoors in front of the fireplace (she doesn’t like the cold) with a crochet hook and some yarn in her hand. We do get out on a good snowfall and enjoy sledding and building snowmen.

In September 2016, we followed God’s calling and sold everything to move into a fifth wheel camper! We love it and want to share our journey with everyone!