We left off with my husband FINALLY being ready to take the plunge of going tiny. We weighed our options and came up with the reasons why we wanted to live tiny. I guess this was us double checking that this was truly what the Lord wanted.

Our top 4 were: to be FREE of debt and time, to build better relationships with our children, and to be more mobile.

If the LOVE of God is in OUR HEARTS, then it is not possible for us to ignore the poor in the world-DAVID PLATT(1)

We knew that not having debt meant that we could give more money back to the Lord. We could tithe more at church. We could give more to organizations who help spread the love of Jesus. We could randomly pay the bill for the elderly lady at grocery store. We could help the family who lost everything in a fire. We could simply GIVE BACK MORE!

If the LOVE of God is in OUR HEARTS, then it is not possible for us to ignore the poor in the world-DAVID PLATT

We also knew that we would have more TIME!

Many would say that time is our most valuable asset, more valuable than money. I have to agree! If my husband was not working at his job then he was doing projects around the house, mowing the lawn, or keeping up with the landscape. I felt like my time was tied up with cleaning our 1700 sq ft home (plus our full basement which housed a bedroom, laundry room, AND a toy room).

We knew by having a tiny home we wouldn’t have the responsibilities that homeowners have. We would not have to worry about caring for a lawn and landscape. If something broke in the house, it would be a MUCH smaller project.

We knew going tiny would open up time for spending with each other and being able to focus on our gifts and talents that the Lord has given us.

So many times we hear of kids not wanting to hang out with their parents or parents who complain that they do not have a relationship with their children. They complain their kids want to be with their friends, play video games all day, or do anything BUT spend time with them!

This is NOT what Joe and I want for our family.

We want our family to communicate and enjoy spending time together. I am not saying that if your child plays video games or spends more time with friends that you are a bad parent or are raising children to be isolated from you. I am saying that we felt that changing our lifestyle, being in TIGHT quarters, would only benefit our family in this way.

Another benefit (in our eyes) was that our family would have little space for toys and STUFF. Now days, the majority of kids grow up in their own bedrooms, their toy rooms are massive full of hundreds of toys that they may only play with a few times. Don’t get me wrong again…I am not saying it is a bad thing that kids have their own room or a huge toy room full of toys…because this WAS us!! But I have always been the mom who rotates toys every few months and my kids were never satisfied. We knew our kids would use their imagination more as well as find many different ways to play with their toys if they only had few to play with.

We also saw many benefits of having our home on wheels. We have been a family who moves frequently and this seemed like it would be easier than packing up our home in boxes, renting a U haul, loading it, unloading it, and then unpacking everything. (This actually came in handy in January 2017-will explain later).

We liked that having a home on wheels allowed us to travel with our WHOLE HOUSE!!! If we wanted to spend the weekend at the lake, we could just hook-up and pull our house there. If we wanted to go to the parents’ house and visit for a week, we just hook-up, and park in their driveway when we arrive.

We saw many benefits, but these were our top 4. We knew we were making the right decision to go “tiny.” So next came…

The biggest decision…WHAT kind of house do we want?

…A true Tiny House On Wheels (THOW) OR a Camper…??








It fits our need of being able to travel frequently and offered better layouts with more storage. Maybe someday this will change our minds, but for NOW a CAMPER it is!!!